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At the Law Office of Philip L. Arnel, we provide clients throughout the Boston metro area with results-oriented, cost-effective legal representation backed by extensive legal experience. Our straightforward and persistent approach has enabled us to successfully represent thousands of clients over the years in a variety of areas of the law, including criminal defense, record sealing and expungement, personal injury, harassment and restraining orders, and civil litigation.

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Staunch Criminal Defense Representation

Our law firm aggressively pursues results for clients charged with all types of misdemeanor and felony offenses, from DUI and drunk driving to serious sex offenses and violent crimes. With a focus on relentless perseverance, criminal lawyer Philip Arnel has achieved an impressive success rate in criminal law cases across the region.

Boston Criminal Defense And Personal Injury Law Firm

Injured In An Accident? We Can Help.

We are sympathetic to clients facing a long recovery from a serious injury or coping with the death of a loved one. We are persistent in pursuing accountability against negligent or inattentive individuals, and will fight for full and fair compensation to help you recover from your injuries or help your family find justice after a wrongful death.

When you are injured, time is of the essence. We are standing by to provide the counsel you need to get past this difficult time, and offer free consultations to help you get started.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers


Every case is unique, and you deserve personalized counsel for your situation. In addition to criminal law and personal injury, we represent clients in all issues relating to record sealing and expungement, harassment or restraining orders, as well as other civil litigation matters.

Read our FAQs to learn more about some of the basic issues in our areas of law. We also offer free initial consultations and flexible times for you to evaluate your legal options and explore next steps with our attorneys.


 “Great lawyer.”


 — Michel M.


“Thank you for being a superb lawyer!”


 — Sherman S.


Great man! Understanding, excellent at explaining everything, extremely knowledgeable, reliable and definitely shows the effort for the best outcome. He is great at keeping you updated, extremely professional, but down to earth and easy to talk to like a great family member. 10/5 stars recommend.


 — Luis M.


 “Attorney Arnel is a BADASS in court. I have never met anyone as confident and as well versed as Mr. Arnel. He truly is fantastic at what he does. After one of our hearings, someone stopped me in the parking lot to ask for my attorney’s name because he thought he was amazing in court. I proudly gave him Attorney Arnel’s contact information. I highly recommend Mr. Arnel. If you need an attorney that listens, understands, and is willing to go above and beyond, Attorney Arnel is the badass lawyer you want.”


 — Lauren B.



“I would recommend Phil to every one. He is my attorney for the rest of my life. He did the impossible. I spoke to many attorneys and they all said it could not be done. Phil did what he set out to do with ease. He kept us informed of his progress. All I can say is thank you, Mr. Phil.”


— George N.



“I had an charge on my FBI background check that was from 20 years ago when I was a juvenile that should not have been there. I asked a dozen local lawyers to get it removed and had a range of responses from: “I have no idea how to help you” to “don’t even try, it can’t be done.” When I found Mr. Arnel online, I was extremely skeptical as I don’t trust the internet at all. And despite being out of state, he was really great and got it done ahead of schedule. I was so mind blown that this is practically the only review I’ve ever written about anything.”


— Bradley A.



“Phil was an excellent resource in getting my FBI record sealed. I called several other lawyers before I called Phil and they all said it was nearly impossible to seal an FBI record. Sure enough, Phil was able to get it done for me! I highly recommend Phil for any legal issue. He is knowledgeable, responsive, and genuinely cares about his clients.”


— Travis P.


We were truly blessed to have Phil in our corner. He’s brilliant, patient, experienced with unparalleled knowledge of the law and legal system, works 24/7, and always tells it like it is. A malicious neighbor made false allegations to obtain a one-year 258E Harassment Prevention Order against our then 16-year-old son in the Hampden County Juvenile Court (Springfield). After several attorneys told us that there was nothing we could do and our son would just have to live with this devastating permanent record, we fortunately found Phil and sent him police reports, photos, text messages, town official letters, and prior hearing transcripts…Read More

 Dimitri K.


“Atty Phil Arnel was a godsend in a time of fear and confusion when our son, a minor, was falsely accused of sexual misconduct. From the very first contact, Phil was a calming force and guided us through the legal process with ease, working to confirm our son’s innocence and seek a dismissal, which he achieved [prior to arraignment]. His doggedness in defending our son, the care with which he treated him from day one, and the results he achieved for us have made us life long clients.”

 — AnneMarie D.



“Its been a long road! Thank you Phil, for everything. I really appreciate the amazing job you did – esp talking me off the ledge a few times.”


— Bruce S.



“Thank you Phil for returning me to my profession and restoring my life! You are the one and only attorney with the tried and true experience in litigating fraudulent restraining orders that could have won this case for me!”


— Jean I.


“He was always available to discuss any questions that I had. Phil is an honest and caring man who clearly knows what he is doing. Thank you.”


 — Prashanth G.


“On September 27th, 2021, I received a summons to appear in court on October 8th, 2021 to defend myself against a 258E [Harassment Prevention Order]. Basically, I had sent some off-taste messages to an old worker who had essentially ghosted me. When I received the summons, I felt as if I had not harassed her, but was not sure how to defend myself. I also have a clean record, and did not want to risk having a restraining order on my record. That’s when I contacted Phil. Phil responded within minutes, and had me gather all the needed documents so he could adequately defend me. Within a few days, he knew exactly how he was going to approach the case and he gave me confidence that we could win. The whole trial lasted about 10 minutes, and the judge even took a minute to acknowledge that Phil was very competent and knowledgeable about the law at hand. We won the case, and I definitely think Phil is the reason for that. I now still have a clean record, and have Phil to thank. Thanks Phil!”


 —Daniel M.


“Working with Attorney Philip was an amazing experience. Before meeting Philip, I was in a panic to do an FBI CORI which required fingerprints for a job offer. I had called the lawyer who had worked on my case and tried to get him to Seal and Update my FBI CORI but his response was “there’s nothing we can do.” That is when I went online to do my research and that’s how I landed on attorney Philip’s website. I read through the testimonies on his website but I had to say, I was skeptical at first because not everything that’s on the internet is real. I followed my gut & called attorney Philip’s office. Philip was extremely knowledgeable about the FBI Sealing and Updating CORI process and he was able to answer all my questions. It felt great working with a lawyer that was confident in his work. Philip returns phone calls and emails promptly. Once I handed all the required documents he needed to work on my case, it took him 5 days to SEAL my FBI record. I highly recommend Philip!”


 —Mary K.


“Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Phil to be your lawyer to represent you and your situation. I was able to quickly connect and talk to him about my specific difficult situation and without hesitation he immediately started to work on my case. Throughout the process he was always available to talk and was very proactive in addressing the situation. He kept me updated throughout the process. When it came to resolving the issue, he explained everything in detail and ultimately helped to mediate the case and resolve the issue to my complete satisfaction. He was able to communicate and keep me updated. Very professional and organized.”


 —Kayla K.


“There are few things more terrifying than being accused of a crime you didn’t commit. I am grateful to have had a strong defense lawyer like Phil on my side. He explained everything so that I could understand it, and thoroughly prepared me for the hearing. Phil was responsive and made me feel like my case was important to him. I am happy to report that we won my case. I would recommend Phil to anyone.”


 —Leah R.


“Attorney Arnel was a HUGE help in helping me get my past records sealed. He is very thorough and makes sure the FBI has done its part. I can’t say enough of how much he was compassionate and communicative throughout the whole process. He really does care about getting his clients the representation they deserve … Thanks again Phil!!!”


 —Kelsey C.


“We both want to thank you very much for your help with my husband’s case. We were both so relieved with the recent outcome.”


 —Carola D.


“I was served with baseless Restraining Order and retained Phil. He was very professional; direct, clear, concise, and generous with his time, and was a much needed competent and strong ally in my corner to help ease my anxiety. Phil quickly identified in stream-line fashion what was required to successfully defend against this bogus 209A action. Phil is a physically fit, confident, intelligent, well-dressed, well-prepared, and experienced lawyer who gave me the confidence to fight back and prevail. He knows what to say and when to say it. We were victorious in a landslide and my accuser was at a loss for words. None of this would have happened without Phil’s expertise and counsel. He gave me the strength, knowledge, and peace of mind that only an experienced and tough lawyer could have done. I bless the day that Phil Arnel came into my life to right the injustice that was leveled on me. He gave me back my life and restored my calm. Thank you very much Phil Arnel for your dedication to your profession and for sticking up for me when I didn’t have a friend in the world!”


 —Michael W.


 “Phil is amazing at what he does and made me feel confident about the outcome of my case, no matter what. I would recommend Phil to anyone who is looking for a respectful win! Very professional!”


 — Brianna B.


“Results matter. We leaned on Mr. Arnel and he got it done. He’s very responsive and smart. But most importantly, he brought closure.”


 — Janice L.


“Mr. Philip L. Arnel is a great attorney. Phil has worked on my case in a fast and efficient way. Philip implemented his knowledge and compassion in explaining the detailed process to me. I’m very pleased with the outcome of my request. I would recommend Philip to everyone I know if needed.”


 — Jose C-P.


“My daughter required legal representation for both civil and criminal matters based on false allegations. Attorney Philip Arnel provided exactly what we needed. He helped to put us at ease throughout the long and agonizing processes. He took pains to wade through lots and lots of evidence. He was available for consultation and he strategically laid out my daughter’s case. He demonstrated a breadth of understanding and experience with the legal system and this type of case. We are forever grateful for his assistance in achieving her vindication.”


 — Judy J-R.


“Was very satisfied being represented by Phil. Was very knowledgeable and educated me about the whole process. Phil was able to get case dismissed before going to trial.”


 — Joshua C.


“This guy is the real deal. If you ever need your CORI sealed Phil is your man! He will handle your court issues and help you along the way. Very professional and would definitely suggest him. He was able to get everything done as he promised.”


 — Michael H.

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