Merei"Great lawyer."

Michel M.

"ThanksPhil is the most responsive attorney I have ever worked with across them legal spectrum (civil, criminal, divorce). He is well regarded by the courts. I was lucky to have him in my corner."

Bruce S.

"ThanksHi Phil, Thanks very much for your EXCELLENT work in representing me in this nightmare. The Old Colony Memorial ran a 'Manomet man innocent of [criminal charges redacted]' story. I called them and asked that they do it. The reporter told me that Steve Nelson (former New England Patriot linebacker) was on the jury. How cool is that? Thank you again, and I would like to add my testimonial to the ones on your website. Jim"

James M.

Thank You"Just before a long weekend I was served with false and malicious 258E Harassment Prevention Order. However it contained some serious allegations, and a hearing was in 4 days. I contacted several attorneys and wasn’t impressed until I spoke to Phil Arnel. He’s clearly the Massachusetts expert on 209As and 258Es. He took charge of the situation by getting to know the facts and ultimately the order was not extended. Phil is relentless and has a no nonsense attitude. When you want to bring a gun to a knife fight, Attorney Phil Arnel is your man."

Brad H.

"Thank YouPhilip Arnel is brilliant, hard working, diligent, tall and handsome. He did a really good job in my case by getting three times the amount that I thought I would get for my injury. He's very good at what he does and he's compassionate. Oh, and did I mention that he's tall and handsome?! I'm a client now and always will be."

Mary Lou C.

"Thank YouPriscilla and I thank you from our hearts for your dilligence on her behalf. We appreciate your hard work and tenacity."

Winston A. and Priscilla B.

Thank you"I reread the testimonial that I wrote you years back and wholeheartedly believe that you still don't know the impact you have on peoples' lives! Forever grateful! You are one of a kind! Thank you!!!"

Lorraine J. (formerly Lorraine G.)

3"I cannot find the words to thank you enough for what you have done for me. Your defense during my case was relentless, thorough and above all well planned. I cannot imagine having the same results with another attorney. My case was a very difficult one. You went up against a large corporation and fought hard for me. I do not know if you are aware of the full impact you have on people's lives. I spent many sleepless nights wondering the results and planning for the worse to happen and at the end, that last day in court, I walked away. I made it as far as my car before realizing that I was again a free woman. I then broke down and cried. Two years of heart aches and worry were finally over. The only single person I have to thank for that is you. What other attorney would have worked late to build a strong defense for court the next day? I would be surprised yet happy when my phone would ring as late as 9:00 p.m. to find it was you, still working on my defense. I was so fortunate to find an attorney who cared about the person involved as much as the win. Again, I cannot express how grateful I am. Warm Regards."

Lorraine G.

Thank You

"Thank you Phil for returning me to my profession and restoring my life! You are the one and only attorney with the tried and true experience in litigating fraudulent restraining orders that could have won this case for me! I knew, at our first consultation, that I was in expert hands. Your experience, intelligence, diligence, commitment, perseverance, professionalism and skill are second to none! You were always available, returning my calls and guiding me through those awful and anxious times. You kept me level and focused, bringing me through this to a very happy ending. You expertly constructed my case while taking apart the other party's fraudulent claims. You we1re able to do this thanks to your legal expertise, research and preparedness.

I am forever grateful for what you did for me and in the compassionate and professional manner in which you did it. When asked by friends and family for the name of a good attorney, I tell them that I know a great attorney, Philip Arnel! You are the finest attorney ever and I am forever grateful to you. Sincerely,"

Jean I.

Thank you"Philip, Words cannot express how deeply grateful we are to you for the excellent work done. I feel that you have given us our lives back. The work and dedication you gave to my case will be something I will never forget. Best wishes to you as you continue to provide an excellent service to those dedicated in changing for the better. You have truly been a God-send to our family."

Matt S.

8"I want to thank you for the excellent way you handled my accident case. You were very up to date on the status with the various insurance companies. I know this is not the usual case with attorneys. [Chiropractor] Martha McDonald remarked that you would be the kind of lawyer she would want representing her. So thanks again for your support during a difficult time for me. Best regards, Joan"

Joan G.

4"Phil, I just want to thank you for all you have done for my family and I. For the past 1-½ years I was house bound. I felt lost, but you were there for me. It's nice to know I have a great lawyer whose diligence and continuous perseverance to help me get through the rough times and not have to worry about anything. I could never thank you enough."

Lisa D.


"Hello Phil and happy holidays. It has been a while since we last communicated. All is well here and I hope all is the same with you. Please know that you will always be in our hearts and mind. We will never forget what you did for our son and his future. Please know that it will now and always be greatly appreciated. Wishing you the best for the holidays and a prosperous new year!"

Julio, Carlota and Javion C.
parents and client

thank you card

"Mr. Arnel: I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your efforts on behalf of my brother, John. I am totally convinced that his sentence would have been much lengthier without your support -- it must be gratifying to see that your talents can have such a major impact on another person's life! I am hoping during his incarceration he can start to get some of the help he needs and uses this time to examine the choices he has made. Hopefully, he can make choices in the future that will create a more positive path and draw him closer to his family. Thank you again for all your efforts and counsel to our family. Best regards."

Nancy S.
client's sister


"I met Phil when he was representing an opposing client that I was in litigation with. A few months prior, I had been in a serious auto accident and he took my case. Over the years Phil has represented me in a few cases, and he has always been a tireless, no nonsense professional who worked hard for his clients. Not only do I trust Phil as my attorney, but I also value him even more as my friend."

Stanley J.
five-time client

"Phil, You've been very helpful and extremely kind to all of us. You've also had a lot of patience. I just want to thank you for all you've done for me. You're a fabulous lawyer and again I just want to say thank you. Also I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy and safe New year. Sincerely."

Dawn M.

6"Phil, You have been very kind and understanding. You're help is appreciated. You have a real talent in your occupation. I'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

Katie C.
defense witness for Dawn M.


"Phil, I fell off a roof 30 feet and three lawyers told me I had no case. You said I did and we settled for $90,000 and had all my hospital bills paid. When I was in the hospital for those 10 days it was a nice feeling knowing I had the best lawyer working for me and keeping my spirits up. I don't know where I would be today if not for your professional and sincere work habits. I'm proud to say you're my lawyer and friend. Thanks again."

William D.


"Phil: Just a note to express my humble thanks for your tireless effort on my behalf. To think that I was told by a so-called top-tier lawyer that litigation in a dispute with my tenant would be far too expensive and that I would not stand a good chance to prevail against a multi-billion dollar corporate tenant like Sears. I did indeed take that lawyer's advice and just wrote it off as a loss. Fortunately, five years later, you became my friend and I thought to offer you this 'lost cause.' I am aware of your correspondence and many calls to the Sears corporate attorneys in Chicago and of how you pressed them to respond. That is the kind of effort and aggressiveness that I appreciate. It was no more than a few months when I received my payment in full from Sears for nearly $40,000.00. Thank you for that and it is comforting to know that if I should ever need assistance with any difficult matter in the future that I need only to call a friend whom I can trust. Once again, thank you and I wish you well in your practice. Regards."

Gregory K.

1"Dear Mr. Arnel, I wish to express my sincerest gratitude for all you have done in helping win my case in court. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you will have a speedy recovery with your shoulder, and I wish you and your family the most happiest of holiday's this season. Once again I thank you and God bless."

Carlton W.

"Dear Philip Arnel: Once again I thank you for the great job you did while working on my case. I have dealt with a few lawyers in recent years during my divorce and you top the list as a GREAT LAWYER! You did your home work and knew my case. Therefore, you were ready to go to bat on my behalf. You're THE BEST. I will recommend you to everyone I know in need of a good lawyer. Thank you."

Carlton W.

Thank You

"I just wanted to say thanks for all your help and patience at a time in my life when I needed both of them. I also want to express my appreciation for your extra help when I spoke with you about my [subject omitted]. You didnt have to do what you did, so all I can say is thanks again. I will definitely keep you in mind for all legal matters (for both myself and all of my friends) in the future. Best wishes,"

Claudia M.

"Please know that you came highly recommended by our dear friend [and your former client] Jeanne Iwata. You have served us beyond and above any Lawyers’ capacity that we have ever encountered. You are a true example of what the Law is, was, and should stand for. We can not thank you enough and would gladly let you use us as a reference. With your permission, we would not hesitate to refer clients worthy of your services."

Pamela and Bryan L.
parents of minor client

"Attorney Arnel, I wanted to say a big thank you for being such a ‘great support.’ You have been a ‘rock’ when I needed assistance. This situation has made things difficult, but your support, knowledge and care has made it easier!
Thank you for all you have done! Sincerely,"

Heather S.

thank you card

"Phil: I wanted to thank you for all that you did to help me over the past several weeks. I have had limited experience with other attorneys, but you are by far the best one I have ever met. I would have said that regardless of today's outcome, too. In fact, I probably annoyed my wife with the amount of times I told her how great you are.

You literally saved my career. I can't even begin to explain how much what you did means to me, my family and my children's futures. I just hope you don't brush these comments off as another client who is caught up in the moment after a favorable ruling. Please take it to heart that you do some of the most important work imaginable. You change and save lives. Many attorneys are incompetent, many are lucky, many are good, and you are in a class of your own.

Thanks again for your patience, unbelievable attention to detail and compassion. I will never forget this. And if ANYONE needs an attorney for ANY reason, I will recommend you and you only. Sincerely,"

Jay T.

Thank you"Dear Phil: You get the best attorney award 2010, from us! Words could not begin to tell you how much we appreciate your time, your words and your fight for Mike. Thank you so very much. Just wanted you to know we appreciate and applaud you! Thanks again."

John, Jo-Anne and Mike L.
parents and client

Thank you"Attorney Phil Arnel is absolutely a person I would use again whether it is a civil or criminal legal matter. Never have I seen such determination and willingness to work on any legal matter that came our way. His knowledge of the law is second to none. Attorney Arnel answers every question with sincerity and always returned any email or voicemail I sent him almost instantaneously. I always felt that I had not just a lawyer who cared in my corner, but a friend as well. Even when I had severe doubts about my case, Attorney Arnel always guided me with sincerity and respect. For that I will be entirely grateful that he was recommended to me."

Christopher C.

Thank You"Dear Phil, I want to thank you for having so effectively represented me in my bodily injuries claim. I know it was not easy task dealing with this particular insurance company ... although I must confess I very much enjoyed hearing the stories of your dealings with their liability adjuster, as you were able to add humor into the most frustrating situations - you’re truly amazing. I’m very grateful for your remarkable hard work and dedication. I honestly believe that without you in my corner a fair settlement would have never been reached. I would never hesitate to have you represent me, or anyone I care about, if ever in need of legal representation in the future. Best"

Yolanda N.

"I'm impressed with my lawyer. I got a good one."Thank you

Wanda O.

Thank youHi Phil: I want to thank you for your letter enclosing the final settlement check and for your help in dealing with the various insurance companies involved in Nicole's case. Although I feel that I will never have closure in such a tragic situation, I was always confident that you would get me through this legal ordeal. This was not an easy situation for either of us, but you handled it in a professional and caring manner. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needed excellent legal representation. Best regards,

Joan G. o/b/o Estate of Nicole G.
mother & Legal Representative

Thank you"I came into contact with Phil in 2005 when he represented me in my first car accident claim. He was very professional and officious with my entire case! I was very pleased with the end result, especially considering that I was left with visible scars from this accident. I contacted Phil again in 2008 with regard to yet another car accident that I was involved in because I trusted him enough to represent me. Once again, Phil did everything to help me and made me feel like I was in great hands. He is extremely professional and even called to remind me of all of my medical appointments. He always took my calls and and answered all of my questions! Of course my main question was, "How much am I getting?" ... lol. I was happy with the result of everything that he did for me. My family and I were involved in an unfortunate five-car accident in 2013 and Phil was the first person whom I thought of as I was placed in the ambulance. He then represented me in my third bodily injury claim because I would not have trusted anyone else. He worked very diligently for over a year on this case, which ultimately settled. I couldn't believe the amount of money that he got me. I was beyond happy, excited and grateful for the wonderful job that he did and could not stop thanking him. I will definitely call Phil if I ever need a lawyer in the future. Thank you, Phil, for everything that you did for me!"

Taylor A.

Thank you"Phil, once again, many thanks for putting the time into this. Many folks have tried to help me with this situation in the past, but none had the expertise required to get it done."

Dylan M.

Thank youHi Phil. I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and help with my case! It was a pleasure working with you! Should I need your legal assistance again, I will for sure be reaching out to you. If anyone I know needs or will need your type of legal assistance, I will refer them to you! Take care and thanks again!

Robin H.

a great big Thank youPhil, Thanks for representing me at the magistrates court last Monday. You put in the hard work and told me step by step what was going to happen. Your work was eye opening, as far as how you knew how to handle the court system. I cringe at the thought of having hired another lawyer, or worse not having any representation. Thanks again

Paul F.

Thank youHi Phil. I received your check. Wow! Thanks for all your help and kindness. I appreciated all that you did for me. Will keep in touch. Lots of luck. Thanks again. Marilyn

Marilyn G.

Thank youPhil, I never realized how hard it was defending yourself against false accusations until this happened to me. I prayed to be heard. I found the right attorney. I knew she was a Piranha, but you are a Barracuda. Great job!

Alicia R.

Thank you"Phil, Your representation on my behalf during today’s clerk-magistrate hearing was flawless. Right from the hearing opening you demonstrated a take charge approach. Your aggressiveness and years of experience were truly evident and a sight to be seen. It was clear to me you were fully prepared and had an excellent understanding of the issues involved. I was very proud to have you as my attorney. Thank you."

Steven M.

Thank you 1"I met Phil over 20 years ago when he was referred to me. From day one I knew he was the real deal. I have worked with Phil over the years since and wouldn’t have it any other way. He has provided legal services for not only me but for my friends and family, and has made a lasting impression. I am happy to have Phil in my corner."

Don W.

Thank you 2"Mr. Arnel is a fantastic attorney. You will be more than satisfied with the work ethic, care, and professionalism that he gives to each of his clients/cases. Mr. Arnel always made an effort to reach out to me explaining where we were in the process, and what was going on between the insurance companies. I always felt confident that he had my best interests in mind and that he fought for the highest amount of compensation possible. I highly recommend Mr. Arnel. He is a great attorney and person."

Christopher T.

Thank you 3"We used Mr. Arnel a couple of times. He is so efficient and very helpful in explaining the law to us so that we can understand it. He always treated us with the utmost professionalism. He is extremely ethical and honest. He is a wonderful attorney. We know if we ever need legal assistance that he would be our first and only choice!"

Effie and Michael D.

Thank you 4"Phil represented both my wife and I in three separate cases this past summer. While every other lawyer we had spoken to suggested that there would be some repercussions, Phil ensured us that he could get the cases dismissed and clear my record, which he did each time. Outstanding service, 10/10. We are proud to have him represent us and he will be our first call if we ever need a lawyer again."

Spencer K.

Thank you 5"Strong lawyer; knows what he’s doing and confident. He resolved my case in court with few words and it ended up the way I wished it to be."

Mohamed A.

Thank you 6"Mr. Arnel always made time for me as a client. He made me feel comfortable about the legal process, which can be confusing at best. I would highly recommend him. He also responds to his messages in a timely fashion."

Charles D.

Thank you 7"I contacted Mr. Arnel two days before my brother’s court date. With such short notice it was definitely a challenge! Despite the short notice and the challenges faced, Mr. Arnel was able to get the job done successfully. From the moment I contacted him, he was on the case and got the ball rolling. He was prompt, responsive, and thorough. There is no other that I would trust with such a personal matter and very, very happy to have him on my team."

Kelly W.
client’s sister

Thank you 8"He did a great job and got me the money I deserved from the car accident."

Victoria M.

Thank you 9"Attorney Arnel is a knowledgeable, trustworthy attorney who will represent you in a professional manner. Phil will guide you step by step through the process and provide great legal advice. I would highly recommend Phil without reservation."

David L.

Thank you 10"Philip was on top of every facet of our legal needs. Always did what he said he would do. Something not found very often anymore."

Wayne G.
client’s brother

Thank you 11"Phil was great with my case – he took it last minute, explained everything to me regarding restraining orders and that different rules applied (as evidence, jurisdiction, etc.) and managed to exclude all the plaintiff’s evidence at the hearing. He also had to read a lot of paperwork, since it was a very convoluted case with multiple cases outside of Massachusetts. The restraining order suit was dismissed."

Adriana S.

Thank you 12"Philip L. Arnel is knowledgeable, supportive to the whole family and worked with all parties to ensure a fair outcome."

Alicia R-A.

Thank you Image"Very dependable, professional, and always reachable during the case. My 86-year-old mother was victimized through a false 258E harassment prevention order. It did not meet the criteria for the order and had three witnesses to verify that the incident did not happen, but was still granted. It was horrific to see my elderly mother being abused through the legal system I had previously thought was fair and just. Mr. Arnel was hired for the one-year hearing and the case was dismissed. He was great throughout this process and was always reachable, finally ending it."

Marilyn M. (for Virginia M.)
client’s daughter

Thank You"Philip, Thank you very much for your help in sealing Kelly’s CORI. Your sped and thoroughness was outstanding. We appreciate your effort. Sincerely."

Edward and Maureen S.
client’s parents

Thank You"I highly recommend attorney Philip L. Arnel. I was faced with an restraining order, filled with false statements and accusations of threatened violence. Phil immediately took an interest in my case and worked with me to disprove each and every one of the accusations, showing that no threats were ever made. We found the proof that was needed to vacate the prior order, despite her attempts to extend it. In my opinion, Mr. Arnel went above and beyond to represent me in this matter."

Roger C.

Thank You"Thank you Phil !!! This was a tough time for us and you were AWESOME! Thanks again."

Peter M.
client’s father