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When dealing with legal matters, the complex terminology and issues can become confusing. At the Law Office of Philip L. Arnel, we take the time to explain all aspects of our clients’ cases to them. It is our goal to ensure your full understanding of your rights and options, as well as whether your case is a civil matter or criminal law issue.

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Civil Cases

In civil litigation or civil law matters, the action is between private individuals and/or businesses. Though civil law issues can be transactional, most of them stem from the filing of a lawsuit. The party that filed the lawsuit is referred to as the “plaintiff,” while the person who is being sued is called the “defendant.” The defendant may also have an action against the plaintiff and file what is referred to as a “countersuit” or “counterclaim.” In these situations, a plaintiff would also then become a defendant and a defendant a plaintiff.

When determining the outcome of the case, a civil court can award a variety of types of compensation to either party, including compensation that makes the plaintiff or defendant whole from their loss, attorneys’ fees and punitive damages.

Criminal Cases

When any level of state or federal law is broken, a criminal case may result. Illegal actions and violations are handled by government entities, with the lawyers handling the cases referred to as “prosecutors.” The prosecution, whether the District Attorney’s office at the state level or the Attorney General’s office at the federal level, may work with the victim of the crime, on behalf of the victim or take on the role of the victim when taking action against the individual, individuals or entities that are charged with the crimes.

The alleged offender is referred to as the “defendant,” and maybe charged with a single crime or multiple crimes, depending on the situation. If convicted (found guilty or made an agreement to take punishments for a lesser crime), the criminal court may impose the consequences which may include jail time, monetary fines, probation, orders or any other type of penalties that are stated in the penal code.

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