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209A Restraining Order Laws In Westwood/Dedham, Massachusetts

If you are facing a 209A abuse prevention order, sometimes referred to as a restraining order or a protective order, it is important to act quickly to protect your rights and fight the restraining order. While a 209A restraining order is civil in nature, a violation of that order could result in criminal charges and a criminal record. Additionally, this type of restraining order could keep you from returning home and seeing your family. With so much at stake, you should seek advice and representation from an attorney who is experienced at handling 209A restraining orders in Massachusetts. The Law Office of Philip L. Arnel provides aggressive representation and defense against 209A restraining orders. Mr. Arnel handles both civil and criminal domestic violence matters, and also 258E harassment prevention orders, so he can provide his clients with the strategic advice and skilled defense they need.

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Limited Time To Fight 209A Protective Orders In Norfolk And All Other Counties

A judge can issue a temporary restraining order with or without your presence, and you may not even know about it until you receive notice. After the 209A order is issued and you receive notice of the order, you may have only 10 days before there is a hearing.

At the hearing, the judge will determine whether or not to continue the restraining order against you. While the judge can extend a restraining order for any length of time, it is common for an extension of one year, after which a permanent restraining order may be issued.

If you have received notice of a restraining order or if you believe a 209A restraining order may be issued against you, you should contact our law firm as soon as possible. We can answer your questions about 209A restraining orders and how we can help you.

Experienced Defense Lawyer

We will work quickly to protect your rights and fight the temporary restraining order before it is extended. Additionally, we can defend you in any criminal actions that relate to your restraining order, including domestic violence charges and assault.

While a restraining order will not be a part of your criminal record, it does become a part of your civil record, which can be accessed by law enforcement. We can help you expunge your civil record and remove your name from the Domestic Violence Registry Index.

We have the knowledge, skill and experience to help you fight a 209A restraining order in Massachusetts. Contact our Dedham/Westwood office for a free initial consultation with Mr. Arnel. For additional information, please see our 209A Restraining Order FAQ.