Juveniles and Jury Trials

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Dedham / Westwood Juvenile Crimes Attorney

When a minor or juvenile is facing criminal charges, it can be an intimidating experience for both the child and the parents. Regardless of the accusations or charges that are being leveled against the juvenile, it is in that child’s best interest for his or her parents to enlist experienced legal counsel. This way, whether the juvenile pleads to a lesser charge or fights for his or her rights during a jury trial, parents know that someone is on their side. At the Law Office of Philip L. Arnel, we have years of experience handling a wide variety of juvenile law issues for clients in and around the Boston, Massachusetts, area. Attorney Philip Arnel is a trusted advocate for clients and is aggressive in his protection of juvenile rights.

Questions about a juvenile crime? Contact a juvenile law lawyer at the Law Office of Philip L. Arnel in Westwood, Massachusetts.

Juvenile Crime Trials

In many instances, it may be beneficial to work with the prosecution in order to minimize the impact to the juvenile’s life. This may be through a plea arrangement or alternative punishment for the type of crime that was allegedly committed.

However, juveniles do have the right to a jury trial. Since jury trials can be intimidating, it is important that if the case needs to be taken to argue in front of a judge and jury, steps would be taken to protect the juvenile.

  • According to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 119, §§55A, 56, juveniles are entitled to a six-person jury trial.
  • If the case results in a youthful offender indictment, the juvenile now has a right to a 12-person jury trial.

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At Law Office of Philip L. Arnel, we can work with you and the juvenile in questions to ensure that his or her rights are protected and you understand the potential consequences that your child is facing. Contact our firm in Dedham/Westwood, Massachusetts, at 781-708-4137. For more information on juveniles and jury trials, please read juvenile FAQ.

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