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258E Harassment Prevention Order In Westwood/Dedham, Massachusetts

A 258E harassment prevention order is a type of restraining order used to protect victims of stalking, abuse and harassment. It can prevent you from having contact with the alleged victim and visiting his or her home or work. You may be ordered to stop harassment or abuse. You may also be forced to pay the victim compensation for damages to his or her property, lost wages and other financial losses. Unlike a 209A restraining order, a 258E harassment prevention order is not limited to family members and members of a household. It can be brought against anyone, including a co-worker, neighbor, acquaintance or friend.

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Experience Handling Stalking And Abuse Prevention Orders In Norfolk And All Other Counties

If you have received notice of a 258E harassment prevention order against you, a skilled defense attorney can protect your rights and help you fight the protective order. At the Law Office of Philip L. Arnel, we have extensive experience handling all types of civil restraining orders.

We can answer your questions about 258E harassment prevention orders in Massachusetts and provide you with aggressive representation in civil court and in criminal court. Contact our Dedham/Westwood office for a free initial consultation about your case.

Defense From Protective Order Violations

If you violate the terms of the 258E harassment prevention order, you could face criminal charges. Avoiding a violation can be difficult if you live near your accuser or work in the same building.

Mr. Arnel has in-depth experience handling restraining order cases on both sides: the civil and the criminal. He can handle every aspect of your case and defend you against criminal charges for violation of a 258E harassment prevention order as well as charges for assault, criminal harassment and criminal stalking.

Even without a criminal charge, a civil restraining order can stay on your record. Law enforcement can access civil restraining order records and it could have an effect on probation hearings and sentencing in the future. We can help you expunge your restraining order record to clear your name.

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Law enforcement, prosecutors and judges take harassment prevention orders very seriously. So should you. Contact our protective order defense law firm. For additional information, please see our 258E Harassment Prevention Order FAQ.