Dangerousness Hearings

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Dedham / Westwood, Massachusetts, Criminal Defense Attorney

Dangerousness hearings under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 275, §58A, a statutory provision used to hold an alleged offender without bail, are considered substantial proceedings in the case. In order to prevail, the prosecution must demonstrate that your release would present a heightened presence of danger to the community because of the likelihood of future brutal assault and/or life-threatening violence.

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Dangerousness hearings, or 58A hearings, may occur if you are accused of violent crimes, domestic violence or restraining order violations, depending upon the particular circumstances and especially if you have a history of criminal violent behavior.

How Can An Experienced Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney Help?

  • Protect your constitutional rights to liberty and freedom
  • Prevent you from being held without bail, effectively being incarcerated during the defense of your case
  • Secure your pretrial release under the most desirable conditions
  • Alert the court and sheriff as to any special needs if unable to obtain release, such as medical problems, and request the court to order appropriate measures
  • Save you unnecessary legal fees for jail consultations

You do not have to face these proceedings alone. Contact experienced criminal defense attorney Philip L. Arnel today to schedule a free initial consultation.