Contesting Civil Restraining Orders

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Massachusetts Lawyer — Fight A Restraining Order

If someone is threatening to take out a restraining order against you or a domestic violence situation has resulted in the potential for a restraining order being issued, it is important to seek legal counsel who can defend you against the restraining order.

At the Law Office of Philip L. Arnel, clients are provided with representation in criminal proceedings involving restraining orders and also representation on the civil side. Contesting civil restraining orders on behalf of clients is a part of Mr. Arnel’s routine practice. He is fluent in the language of the civil code that dictates the issuance of a restraining order and can explain how it is possible to fight the restraining order on your behalf.

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Types Of Civil Restraining Orders

Mr. Arnel has extensive experience handling all types of restraining orders, including:

  • 209A abuse prevention orders: This is a type of restraining order used to protect against violence and abuse from a family member or member of the household such as a stepparent or live-in partner.
  • 258E harassment prevention orders: This protective order protects victims of harassment such as stalking, inappropriate communications and other threatening acts.

We can answer your questions about 209A restraining orders and your questions about 258E harassment orders, and we can work to protect your rights throughout the process.

Contesting An Order Of Protection/Restraining Order In Norfolk And All Other Counties

After an individual files a complaint, a temporary restraining order will be issued for 10 days. Once those 10 days are up, the parties return to court in order for the judge to make a determination on whether or not an extension of the restraining order or order of protection should be ordered. It is at the 10-day hearing that you need aggressive defense counsel.

Attorney Philip L. Arnel has experience defending individuals against the extension of any temporary restraining orders. He is committed to helping clients structure their defense in order to show the judge that either false claims precipitated the issuance of the previous order or that it was issued in response to a situation that no longer exists. Regardless of the reason for the initial restraining order, he will stand up for your rights in civil court to prevent the extension of the damaging order whenever possible.

Complete Restraining Order Representation

In addition to contesting civil restraining orders, the Law Office of Philip L. Arnel handles all aspects of restraining orders, including:

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You have rights and options following the establishment of a temporary order of protection or restraining order. We can help you defend yourself and fight a restraining order. Contact our Dedham/Westwood office today for a free initial consultation.