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Westwood / Dedham Restraining Order Defense Attorney

In Massachusetts, a restraining order originates in a civil court, and only when it is violated is the matter moved to criminal court. Restraining orders can impact your ability to go to certain places. It can also affect your reputation, employment, housing, schooling, financial aid eligibility, gun licensing and ability to retain your firearms, divorce proceedings, adoption proceedings, foster care eligibility, or even your eligibility to coach your own child’s youth sports team. If someone is seeking a restraining order against you, exercise your rights and reclaim your freedom, reputation and record. At the Law Office of Philip L. Arnel, we understand every aspect of restraining orders, and we know how to fight these orders — from preventing them from being issued in the first place to having them expunged from your civil record.

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Attorney Philip Arnel can help with:

  • 209A restraining orders — The most common type of restraining order, also known as an abuse prevention order, which can be issued as a result of stalking, threats, harassment, assault and battery or trespassing
  • 208 restraining orders — Originate from the probate or family courts and will order someone out of a marital home

We believe it is important to learn all about the circumstances surrounding the issuing of the restraining order in order to craft an effective criminal defense. Did a spouse have one issued as leverage in a divorce action? Did a relationship sour, and on advice of friends, someone have a protective order issued just so they would not have to see you? There are many reasons why restraining orders are issued and not all of them are valid.

We will gather all relevant evidence to fight the order, and we can defend you in any criminal domestic violence charges related to the restraining order.

Attorney Arnel not only will work to have the restraining order lifted, but he has also been successful at having criminal charges expunged and the records sealed — and was the first lawyer in Massachusetts who has successfully petitioned to have a restraining order expunged from a civil record.

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You do not have to fight these charges alone. We are here to fight for you with relentless perseverance. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.