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Westwood / Dedham, Massachusetts, Truck Accident Lawyer

Ordinary motor vehicle accidents can be very serious and often life changing. But the involvement of large trucks or semi tractor-trailers intensifies the severity and devastation. At the Law Office of Philip L. Arnel, we understand the grief that follows a sudden injury or loss of a loved one. Although we can never bring your loved one back or cure your injuries, we help clients in the only way the law allows. We relentlessly pursue full compensation for injured clients and their families in truck accident litigation.

Contact a Dedham/Westwood lawyer at the Law Office of Philip L. Arnel.

Our Massachusetts personal injury law office is familiar with the various issues in serious truck accidents involving all types of company-owned vehicles, including:

  • Semi tractor-trailer accidents
  • Passenger van accidents
  • Commercial minivan accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Big-rig or 18-wheeler accidents
  • Other commercial vehicle accidents

Establishing Liability And Pursuing Compensation

Massachusetts truck accident lawyer Philip Arnel understands the complexities of serious trucking and commercial vehicle accidents — including the multifaceted liability issues as well as the complex injuries that typically result. Our office is relentless in its perseverance to obtain a successful outcome by analyzing all sources of liability. In our thorough preparation, we question and analyze:

  • Was truck driver fatigue an issue?
  • Was the vehicle properly maintained?
  • Had the truck driver utilized sleep-deprivation drugs or stay-awake drugs?
  • Was the truck driver operating the vehicle longer than allowed by law?
  • Does the truck driver have a poor driving record or history of accidents?

In addition, our firm works with doctors and other specialists to understand the full extent of the injuries and the impact they will have on our client’s life. We work with life-planning experts and economists to place monetary value on our client’s current and future needs as well as pain and suffering. Whether the victim has suffered a spinal cord injury or a brain injury or has suffered a wrongful death in a trucking accident, we carefully demonstrate to the insurance representatives or jury why maximum compensation is necessary and fully deserved.

Whether you have been injured in a devastating truck wreck or commercial vehicle accident, or a loved one was suddenly lost in a fatal truck accident, you can trust in the relentless perseverance of Dedham/Westwood truck accident attorney Philip Arnel. Contact our Massachusetts law firm today for a free initial consultation to discuss your case and your rights.

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